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September 28, 2011
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Base Kit
Airfix Mk I/II kit
Company: 3D-Kits
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To increase the Spitfire's range about 100 Mk IIs were adapted in 1941 to carry a non detachable fuel tank under the port wing. These served with 66, 152 and 188 Squadrons. The tank gave a useful increase in range and allowed Spitfires to escort bombers on daylight raids to the continent, but speed and maneuverability suffered.

In the conversion kit you get two flash free halves of the fuel tank in medium gray plastic. The parts can be used with any 1/72 on the market today but it is designed for the recent tooled Airfix Mk I/II kit. You also get a small decal sheet covering two marking options. The options include No 66 squadron and No 152 squadron. There are no national marking or stencils provided you will have to get these from the base kits you are using or from another source. The decals you get are in register and cleanly printed which include serials and codes. You get a color header card that provides the painting guide and decal placements, if you want further information you can go to for a free download that shows all the sides of each option.

I had started a spitfire Mk IIa previously and found the fuel tank was a perfect fit (see picture). I recommend this conversion to all without reservation. It will make a great first attempt at using a conversion kit.

I would like to thank 3D-Kits, and the IPMS USA reviewers’ corps for the opportunity to review the Spitfire Mk II LR conversion.


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