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Editor/co-Publisher: Michael G. Reccia; Art Editor/co-Publisher: David Openshaw
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October 22nd, 2010, published in the U.K.
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Volume 3
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CALLING ALL THUNDERBIRDS! CALLING ALL THUNDERBIRDS! I must admit that I vaguely remember the Thunderbirds show, but if you do or are just a fan of Gerry Anderson shows you will love this book. The 3rd volume in the series it comes in at 100 pages with 9 different models. The models are as follows:

  • Vertical Take-off Jetmaster, Stingray/Thunderbirds
  • Ghost of the Sea Submarine, Stingray
  • Transmitter Truck, Thunderbirds
  • Supercar, Supercar (I guess it was a show)
  • Fireflash, Thunderbirds
  • Commander Ed Straker’s Car, UFO (my favorite of the shows)
  • Helijet, Captain Scarlet
  • Zero-X Lifting Body Hangars, Thunderbirds
  • Flying Police Car, a “what-if” model

Of all the shows the one I remember most is UFO, I mean what is not to like? Cool vehicles, spaceships, submarines, a moon base, and great looking women in short skirts, boots and even fishnet shirts (on Skydiver crew), all set way in the future 1980. Enough about that let me put my DVD back on pause (the wife still thinks I bought that for model research).

This book is right up there with all of their publications. All the articles are well written for a fast and informative read, and all have great photos that show the steps clearly. Of all the builds only two of them are kits, Fireflash and Straker’s car, two are kit bashes, Jetmaster and Helijet and the rest are scratch builds. The stuff they use to build the models and the dioramas is very interesting, everything from cream cheese tubs to a dust buster (hope his wife won’t miss it). The book will help any modeler, if nothing else to look at things and maybe see different ways or materials around the house to build them. They also show how to draw a rough set of plans for something you have to make a mold for. I always learn something from their books.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Happy Medium Press for the opportunity to review this magazine.


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