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June 7, 2014
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Company: UMM-USA - Website: Visit Site
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The UMM Micro Mitre Box is a useful little tool if you’re scratchbuilding or adding detail to a model. Made of aluminum, it’s designed for cutting wood, metal, or plastic using their JLC razor saw. As an aside, it also works with other brands of razor saw, so long as they’re not over .12” thickness. This version of their box allows cuts at 45°, 60°, and 90°. They have recently released an updated version of the box (Micro Mitre Box II) which has a brass rule imbedded in the box that is marked in 1mm increments. There is an adjustable stop device that is screw-mounted in the bottom of the box. It has a flat end and a slanted end to be used to hold the material in place. There are several screw holes to allow the stop to be almost infinitely adjusted for length.

I have used the box to cut round, square, and flat plastic stock, as well as .100” I-beam stock with no difficulties. With the narrower slots for the saw, the cuts are precise and smooth. It’s certainly a recommended tool!

Thanks to UMM-USA for providing the sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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