1/32 Scale Ruler (with Metric Conversion)

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IPMS/USA thanks Masterpiece models for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with one of their unique (and very useful) tools. I understand this was one of the items debuting at the Nooga Nats… Lucky you guys! And thanks to IPMS leadership for sending it to me for a review opportunity.

This is a clear ruler, approximately, well, ok, it’s actually exactly six inches long end to end. It is, however, a simple concept. Making accurate measurements for larger kits on a clear (Styrene or Lexan, I can’t tell) ruler. VERY nice.

A very convenient and accurate tool, this ruler does what it says; measures in 1/32 scale feet and meters, one on each side of the face. No turning over to read calculations, no math. Just hold it up to the part to ensure it is correctly scaled out. Can’t be more basic than that, and I have already put it to use several times.

One thing I decided to do was to make the engraved markings easier to see for my older eyes; I slathered flat black Vallejo paint over the engraved surface, followed by a clean wet cloth about 15 minutes later to wipe off the excess, thereby leaving the engraving filled with paint. After all had fully dried, I used denatured alcohol to clean up a few paint fingerprints, and I had a standard, easy to see ruler in 1/32 scale. Pictures tell the story.

Thanks again to Masterpiece Models for providing this invaluable tool to IPMS, and to John and Phil, nice guys they are, to forward to me to make me a better modeler while doing the review. GREAT IDEA MMR!


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