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AMK L-29 Delfin
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The L-29 Delfin was a jet-powered trainer airplane that was designed by the Aero Company of Czechoslovakia. An excellent kit of the Delfin has recently been released in 1/72 scale by AMK. Although this kit, in my opinion, is very good, our friends at Aires/Quickboost have found some areas where the accuracy of various parts can be improved.

This set from Quickboost provides wing mounted pylons. The AMK kit provides combination pylon and fuel tanks. These look good but there are cases where the modeler may want to build a model without the wing tanks. The modeler may want to include some wing mounted munitions or they may simply want a model with only the pylon. Many photos of the L-29 on display etc. show the plane with only the pylons.

The modeler could simply saw the pylons off of the kit pylon/tank assemblies but this would be very rough on the bottom surface. These pylons from Quickboost do a great job of fitting the wing plus they are modeled to include detail visible from below.

Although the AMK kit of the Delfin is a good kit, these pylons offer the modelers an opportunity to change the final appearance of their model. This set should be available from any dealer who sells the Aires/Quickboost line. Well recommended. A big thank you to Aires for providing this great product and to IPMS for letting me have this review.


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