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November 8, 2022
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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site

Contents Description

  • The first two pages are introductory paragraphs.
  • Page 5 covers the MiG acrylic colors and chipping fluids, providing brief how-to paragraphs for each. Each product section includes QR codes for the products page from the Mig website plus how-to videos. The QR code feature is typical for most of the products described.
  • Page 6 Washes.
  • Page 7 Streaking brushers and Oilbrushers.
  • Page 8 Pigments and splashes.
  • Page 9 Heavy mud and engines, fuel and oil.
  • Page 10 Enamel odorless thinner.
  • Page 11 One Shot primers and Titans Hobby Paints.
  • Page 12 Extra thin and medium density cements, and Colle 21-slow dry cyanoacrylate.
  • Page 13 Arming Putty and Ultra Decal Set and Fix. Neither of these products were used in the weathering process covered in this publication.
  • Now for the modeler, such as myself, many of the products listed above are items may be new. The description paragraph and QR codes will be beneficial to understand how to use the various products.
  • Page 15 has a list of symbols icons or legend which will be useful later when the various products and techniques are discussed.
  • Pages 14 and 16 have full color images of a Tiger tank with a well-worn winter camouflage. This is inspirational for sure!
  • Pages 18-21 address the primer and base color applications. Here the various icons are shown in a chronological manner to guide the builder step-by-step in the applications. Paint-to-thinner ratios are shown along with recommended air pressure and distance from the model's surface for the airbrush application. In each instance a small image of the products used are shown on the pages.
  • Pages 22-24 cover the application of the Heavy Chipping Effects followed by the white acrylic paint. There are several images that show the progression of the chipping process using a brush and water, followed by two images showing the completed chipping. Looks very realistic.
  • The use of a filter follows on pages 27 and 28. I was surprised somewhat to see that the author used the Afrika Korps Wash A.MIG-1001for this example.
  • Pages 29-31 cover the use of a wash (aka pin wash). A very subtle application is the key to the right effect.
  • On pages 32-35 white streaks and spots are detailed. Again, this is a subtle application with effects that add to the overall appearance.
  • "Streaking" is detailed on pages 36-39. Streaking Grime Winter Vehicles A.MIG-1205 and Streaking brusher Rust A.MIG-1254 are used in this process.
  • "White Chipping" is addressed on pages 40-41 using Matt White A.MIG-0050.
  • Dust and dirt effects are shown on pages 42-45 using A.MIG-3013 Rubble.
  • The application of dry mud is detailed on pages 46-48 using A.MIG-1751 SPLASHES Dry Steppe.
  • Wet mud is next shown on pages 49-51 using A.MIG-1705 Wet Mud
  • The weathering of wheels is addressed on pages 52-55 using A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe and A.MIG-1705 Wet Mud. The wheels end up looking quite messy but yet realistic.
  • Oil and fuels stains applications are detailed on pages 56-59 using A.MIG-1408 Fresh Engine Oil and
  • A.MIG-3013 Rubble.
  • The weathering of the tracks is shown on pages 60-63. The work is performed off the model and lastly fitted to the model. Products used here are A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe and A.MIG-1705 Wet Mud.
  • Pages 64 and 65 show a topside view of the completed Tiger. A very impressive end result. The various products used in the weathering process are shown surrounding the model. One product used in most of the steps is the A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner.
  • The last two pages, 66-67, have side profile of various German armoured vehicles in winter camouflage.

Products Featured

  • A.MIG-0050 ACRYLIC COLOR Matt White
  • A.MIG-2011 Heavy Chipping Effects (35mL)
  • A.MIG-1001 Afrika Korps WASH
  • A.MIG.1205 Streaking Grime for Winter Vehicles
  • A.MIG-3501 OILBRUSHER White
  • A.MIG-3013 Rubble
  • A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe
  • A.MIG-1705 Wet Mud
  • A.MIG-1408 Fresh Engine Oil EFFECTS
  • A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)

AMMO also offer a "Solution Box" that included the how-to book plus all the products listed above. Purchasing the box option is far better bargain than buying the book and products individually.


AMMO also supplied a fold-out conversion chart for AMMO acrylic paints. Reading from left-to-right the Mig product reference numbers are included in the first column followed by the color name, RAL/RLM/FS numbers, then separate columns for the equivalent Hobby Color, Mr. Color, Tamiya, Model Color and Model Air paints. The charts are shown on five of the eight pages. The sixth page is a products sales promotion for AMMO acrylic paints. and finally, the last page offers some guidelines for airbrushing, included air pressure, distance for the model surface, priming and a paragraph on airbrushing acrylic paints.

The various products sales promo pages include two QR codes, one in English and the other in Spanish where Mig Jimenez explains how to use that particular product. Use your phone or iPad camera to open the codes and enjoy the You Tube videos.

My only criticism here is the printing is so small it is difficult to read without good lighting and a magnifier. This bonus will be a very handy tool.


First, the images included in this book are amazing as well as very inspirational. The author's skills are remarkable to say the least. The addition of the QR codes offers the modeler additional reference sources to help with the application of the various products. By following the steps in this book a modeler can really improve the realistic appearance of their armour models. We just need to be willing to expend the time for the results, but in the end this is time well spent. The various icons included with each step are useful reminders to execute the process.

The QR Codes link to product application videos that were very informative and supplement the information in the book. I did find I needed to cover the QR Code subtitled AMMO to avoid confusing the camera when opening the video.

AMMO offers several "Solution Books" addressing specific paint and weathering schemes for both aircraft and armor. This series of publications are highly recommended not only for the process information, but also for the exceptionally fine photos of the result.

I wish to thank AMMO and IPMS USA for the opportunity to build and review this publication. Recommended for sure!


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