Fokker Dr.I Landing Gear

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January 3, 2023
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Eduard 1/72 Fokker Dr.I series model kits
Provided by: Scale Aircraft Conversions - Website: Visit Site

This white metal SAC landing gear/strut set is designed for the Eduard 1/72 Fokker Dr.I series model kits.

Known widely as the Fokker Triplane, the fighter entered service in 1917 and was widely used by spring in 1918. The Triplane gained notoriety due to the last spate of the Baron Manfred von Richthofen’s aerial victories. It featured twin 7.92 mm Spandau machines guns as armament.

Compared to the Pfalz and Albatross fighters it was significantly more maneuverable in dive and role situations, but suffered from structural and engine failures. It was eventually abandoned due to faster versions of enemy aircraft.

These are nice replacement parts that will add highly detailed realism to the Eduard kit while providing additional strength and needed support for the model. This will reduce the concerns about the fragile landing gear breaking and preventing the resulting damage.

The pieces are malleable and can be adjusted slightly for fit. They are made to attach to the model just like the original parts and can be assembled with epoxy or CA adhesives. Finishing and cleanup are very much like styrene alternatives using the same tools although diamond files permit faster removal of seems and attachment points.

Thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions for supporting the IPMS Review Program and providing the review sample.

About SAC (From the SAC website)

Manufacturing resin and white metal parts for scale model aircraft since 1990.

We manufacture a line of white metal landing gear for 1/18 to 1/144 scale aircraft. Some sets consist of the main gear only while others include the nose gear, tail gear and/or adjacent related components. Some inaccuracies in the original kit gear have been corrected but the mounting points remain identical to the factory parts. With numerous sets we have not sought to duplicate non load bearing component parts where the factory plastic parts are reasonably accurate.

I would like to thank IPMS for providing this product for review!


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