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September 21, 2019
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HMR 48032
Base Kit
Zoukei Mura Phantoms
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From the Website

Hypersonic Models are currently located in Sennan City, Osaka prefecture, Japan, and products are manufactured, packed and shipped from there. All items for sale here are original Hypersonic Models' products, we don't act as re-sellers for other brands' or companies' products

This is an upgrade set for Zoukei Mura Phantoms. With the kit, the stabilators can only be mounted in one position (neutral). With this set, you can set the stabilators in any one of three possible positions of your choice and improve the detail on the stabilator pivot cover plates as well. Also included are the reinforcement "fish" plates found on Air Force Phantom stabilators (not found in the ZM kits). Photos show how a "pitch up" and "pich down" position looks like before the PE cover plates are installed. Note this set does not make the stabilators movable, after all we modelers don't build "toys".. After the position is selected, everything has to be glued in place.

Even though some modification work on the kit is necessary this set has been designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. In addition to the new stabilator mounting block there are two resin "plugs" included that just clip into the kit's stabilator mounting slots. You then scribe a line around them to mark exactly where to make the cut out in the correct size and shape.

Contents Description

This set is a combination of resin and photoetched parts and is provided in a small zip-lock bag including the instructions. The PE parts include fine, recessed rivets and some raised detail that will compliment the kit surface details.


The instructions are provided on two small sheets printed on both sides, including line drawings and text that lead the modeler step-by-step through the work required. There are seven steps total that result in modifications allowing the stabilators to be posed up or down as well as neutral if so desired.

Posing the stabilators up or down will require some minor removal of the kit plastic where the stabilators insert slots are located. Throwaway resin parts are inserted into the kit's molded slots to serve as scribing templates. the outline in scribed onto the plastic surface which defines the limit of the plastic to be removed. Once the plastic has been removed resin mounted blocks are fitted in place. These blocks may be posed in any one of three orientations (see step 4 of the instructions). The resin blocks must be super-glued in place. Last, three PE parts are super-glued over the exposed resin to represent the cover panels and stabilators quide rails.

In the event the modeler is content with leaving the stabilators in a neutral position as provided in the model kit no cutting of the plastic is required and all of the resin parts go unused. The PE parts are used to enhance the exterior surface of the stabilators mounting, but moreover to conceal the openings and resin blocks when the stabilators are posed other than neutral..

In the event the model represents an Air Force F-4 Phantom PE reinforcement plates are super-glued to the tops and bottoms of each stabilators (one on top and one on the bottom).

The instructions are quite clear on the work required for any option available.


The Zoukei-Mura 1/48th scale Phantoms are fabulous kits in the own right. The overall detail and parts makeup is amazing. I have the ZM F4S and can only assume the other versions include the same fine detail. Once again Hypersonic models steps up to the plate and offers the scale modeler the opportunity to add a variation to the appearance of an already great kit. As always a bit of surgery and work is required, but the results are well worth the effort.

Many thanks to Hypersonic Models and to IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review and add this set to my F-4S.


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