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January 27, 2016
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Base Kit
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This set is part of the Brassin line and provides an impressive upgrade for the exhaust can, burner ring and nozzle of the J79-GE-19 powered F-104G.

The set is intended for the Hasegawa/Eduard kit. I used it on the Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter “Nato Fighter” stock # PT20 boxing. This set replaces parts U6, R26, R27 and L8 in the original kit. Photo etch parts are included to represent the burner ring(s). The exhaust tube is a seamless part which has very well done interior detail. In fact, every part in this set is a refined replacement of the plastic parts in the base kit. The exhaust nozzle is much thinner and has more surface detail than the kit part.

The resin used is easy to remove from the parts where that is needed. As for mounting I had a small glitch to resolve because parts R4 and R5 were not included in my sample. Those parts are meant to use the mounting holes provided for the kit parts in step 5 of the instructions. Its not anything Eduard did as this item was a return to the review corps that the previous user had dipped into. The solution was very simple because the resin part fits inside the plastic parts (U6) as long as you cut the tampered end off (see photos).

This kit is a much needed addition if you want to build an accurate F-104. The seamless tail pipe is worth the price of the set.

Thanks to IPMS and Eduard for the parts that inspired me to pull this kit out of the stash and build it.


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