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April 3, 2018
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David Doyle
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Soft Cover, 80 pages, 160 color photos, 48 b/w photos.
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This latest book in the “In Action” series covers the CH-47 Chinook from prototypes to current operations.

The Chinook began as the YHC-1 prototype in 1957. Vertol, which had been Piasecki until 1956 developed the YHC-1A and the YHC-1B. The YHC-1A became the CH-46 Sea Knight, used by the US Navy and Marine Corps. The YCH-1B, which was larger became the CH-47 Chinook.

The first half of the book covers development and the various models of the Chinook.

The sections are:

  • Development
  • YHC-1B
  • CH-47A
  • ACH-47A
  • Model 347
  • CH-47B
  • CH-47C
  • CH-47D
  • CH-47F
  • MH-47

The “In Service” section consists of photos with captions outlining the various areas of operation of the Chinook. The CH-47 was heavily used in Vietnam. Later it was used in Operation Deliberate Force in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, then Desert Storm in Iraq.

In between the wars, there are photos from various exercises, from Team Spirit in Korea to Fort Richardson, Alaska, Fort Drum New York, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fort Irwin, California, REFORGER in Germany, and Palmerola, Honduras.

While there are many great photos of the Chinook in action and lots of detail photos, one thing I miss from the earlier Squadron books is profile drawings of the aircraft which show the color schemes and markings. The book also does not cover any of the non-US Army users, and there are over 20 of these operators.


Recommended: This is a good look at the Chinook’s development, and the operational career so far. Since the CH-47 is still in service all over the world, the story has not reached its last chapters.

Thanks to David Doyle Books for the review copy, and to IPMS USA for allowing me to review it.


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