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December 10, 2013
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Ray Rimell
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64 pages, over 270 color/B&W photos
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Windsock WW1 Modelling Special No. 3
Provided by: Windsock Datafiles - Website: Visit Site

Anyone who has peaked inside the box of a WingNut Wings 1/32nd WW1 aircraft kit knows the potential joys that await the builder of such a kit. If you are at all familiar with WW1 aircraft modeling, you will undoubtedly have heard of Ray Rimell’s Albatros Productions Ltd., publishers of Windsock International modeling magazine and Windsock Datafiles etc. So imagine my delight when IPMS USA gave me the opportunity to review a publication that combines the two: a Ray Rimell publication covering the building and detailing of WingNut Wings’ four 1/32nd Fokker D.VII kits! Read on……….


  1. Wingnut Wizardry : 2 pages
  2. Building the Fokker D.VII (Fok): 19 pages
  3. Building the Fokker D.VII (Alb): 8 pages
  4. D.VII ‘Walk-Around’: 6 pages
  5. Building the Fokker D.VII (OAW): 6 pages
  6. Building the Fokker D.VIIF: 9 pages
  7. Devil in the Detail: 1 page
  8. Decals & Accessories: 1 page

This publication consists of 64 pages (8.25 x 11.75”) contained within a card outer cover. As mentioned, all four of WingNut Wings’ Fokkers are built up by Mr Rimell within the pages of this publication: the Mercedes engined early Fokker, Albatros, OAW production aircraft, and the later BMW engined Fokker D.VIIF. Each “build” is lavishly detailed via the printed text, as well as with numerous color photographs of the model during construction, painting/decaling and rigging. Additional sketches appear throughout each build article, detailing various sections of the aircraft under construction: cockpit parts, armament, engines and numerous other aspects of these amazing winged machines. The author also utilizes a number of aftermarket products throughout his construction of the kits, such as brass machine gun sets, resin engine detailing parts, or aftermarket decals.

There are 20+ color profiles by noted aviation artist Ronny Bar, together with supporting black and white wartime archival photos. In addition to these photos, there are dozens of other archival photos providing the modeler with a host of details from the real aircraft, including superb photos of the BMW IIIa engine. There is also a six page photomontage of an intricately detailed 1/1 airworthy Fokker D.VII reproduction owned by Mr. Mikael Carlson of Sweden.

Rounding off this publication is an interesting two page “interview” of two WingNut Wings’ employees; the firm’s director of production, Richard Alexander, and one of the firm’s 3D modelers, Jason McAdam, wherein they answer a host of questions about how WNW designs and executes their wonderful model kits. Additionally there is a one page listing of the currently available aftermarket “sets” for these kits: decals as well as various detailing sets for armament, engines etc.

WingNut Wings’ kits are superb, being extremely intricately detailed replicas in miniature of the real WW1 flying machines they represent. Having this wonderful publication by your side as you work your way through any of the four Fokker D.VII kits currently available from WNW will only enhance your modeling experience.

HIGHLY recommended. My sincere thanks to Albatros Productions Ltd for providing IPMS/USA the opportunity to review this publication for their membership.


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