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Company: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
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The set provides eight resin replacement wheels and tires, molded as one piece, for the Russian BTR-60 APC. The tires are slightly wider than the Trumpeter rubber tires. The Hauler wheels are a different style and much smaller than the Trumpeter wheels. The Hauler tires have a crisper tread pattern than the Trumpeter tires and are molded without a center seam. They do not have a flattened portion for the weight of the vehicle.

Each of the wheels is molded with their own casting block. The mounting hole for the wheel is much larger than the Trumpeter axle so it needs to be drilled out. Mounted on the vehicle, it becomes apparent that the Hauler wheels are smaller and the tires have a larger profile.

The profile and size of the Hauler wheels provide a good option to the Trumpeter kit wheels. The tire tread is much crisper, even at this small scale.

Thanks to Hauler for continuing to produce these nice add-on parts and providing review samples to IPMS.


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