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Revell/Monogram kits
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Kitset contents and packaging


Includes 2 resin AIM-26B missiles with separate exhaust nozzles. Designed for the Revell/Monogram kits (Note: these missiles are also included in the resin detail parts of the Encore F-102A kit).


The AIM-26 Falcon was a larger, more powerful version of the AIM-4 Falcon air-to-air missile built by Hughes. The AIM-26A, with the nuclear warhead, entered service in 1961 with the Air Defense Command F-102 Delta Dagger interceptors. It used a radar proximity fuse and a radar guidance system. To date, it is the only guided U.S. air-to-air weapon ever to carry a nuclear warhead. Considering the issues with using nuclear weapons over the US homeland and friendly territories, the missile was eventually converted to a conventional high explosive warhead and designated the AIM-26B. These were carried by the F-102s, F-106s, and the J35 Draken (designated as RB27).


The missiles are packaged in a clear polyethylene zip-closure bag, inside a plastic container, with a hinged lid securely taped closed. Inside are two AIM-26B missiles, molded in cream colored resin on individual pour stubs, along with separate exhaust nozzles molded which are together on one pour stub. The moldings themselves appear to be perfect, as I was unable to find pinholes or blemishes anywhere in the resin.


Comparing these to the missiles in the Monogram ProModeler kit, the improvements are fairly obvious. The True Details missiles are longer, the fins are thinner, and the surface details are clean and crisp. The ProModeler missiles are in two pieces, with one having the main body and fin section, and the other having the central body section with opposing fins that slides in from the rear. These parts would require quite a bit of work to cleanly remove the mold lines and sprue attachments prior to gluing them together. Then, the gaps would need to be filled and sanded smooth…and that includes some ugly gaps that actually pass through the exhaust nozzles of the ProModeler missiles.

Final Notes

Without a doubt, True Details AIM-26B missiles should be used with any of the appropriate kits. They would increase the accuracy and appearance, and reduce the modeler's workload by more than half. Simple enough for a beginner to use, more experience modelers will see that these missiles would be a much needed improvement over the kit parts. They have my highest possible recommendation.

I would like to thank IPMS and Squadron Products for the opportunity to perform this review.


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