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ICM continues to announce new models despite the ongoing Russian initiated war in Ukraine. While most subjects released by ICM are welcome, the current conflict subjects are even more relevant and timely. The Acrylic Paint Set for Armed Forces of Ukraine (Camouflage Uniform) is designed to be used with ICM figure sets No. 35752 (“Quietly came, quietly went…” Special Operations Forces of Ukraine) and No. 35754 (“Always the first” Air Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine). This paint set is designed for the Multicam, not the Ukrainian pixel, camouflage.

The Acrylic Paint Set for Armed Forces of Ukraine consists of six 12ml paint bottles, that are surprisingly not dropper top, but rather are wide mouthed. The colors include:

  • Off White (No. 1028)
  • US Dark Green (No. 1072)
  • Tan Earth (No. 1058)
  • British Khaki (No. 1062)
  • Chocolate (No. 1054)
  • Warm Grey (No. 1031)

Painting instructions are on the side of the packaging, stating:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Paint is prepared for a brush, for the airbrush dilute with water or thinner, 40-60%.
  • Use primer when painting with airbrush.
  • Colors can be mixed with each other.
  • If the ambient temperature is above 25oC, use retarder.
  • When applying from airbrush, first use primer.

The packaging includes front views of four Ukrainian special operations forces soldiers from Kit No. 35752 (“Quietly came, quietly went…” Special Operations Forces of Ukraine) with color call outs. Unfortunately, there are no back views, but the included ¾”x ¾” Multicam swath illustration, accompanying the figure color call outs, with all five colors in the pattern. As it is a random camouflage pattern, not having the back view is not really an issue.

I used spoons for the paint samples. The spoons were all given a primer of gray, followed by the top of the spoon being airbrushed, then the bottom brush painted by hand, with the line delineated by red tape. Airbrushing was a challenge to get the consistency correctly, especially for the lighter colors. Brush painting was remarkably easy. Both dried quickly and have a flat matte appearance. I was impressed that some of the colors were hard to differentiate between airbrush and hand brush.

I will use this paint set on ICM’s Kit No. 35752 (“Quietly came, quietly went…” Special Operations Forces of Ukraine) in another review. I plan to airbrush the Warm Grey (1031) and brush paint the rest of the Multicam and web gear with the remainder of the paint set. The weapons will be painted black by another manufacturer. My only niggle is that dropper style bottles are readily accessible and control paint distribution much better than this open-topped style.

This is a good, one-stop acrylic paint set for Ukrainian forces using the Multicam pattern. This is good paint for figures as brush marks disappear, the paints are sturdy and dry matte. For more information on the ICM acrylic paint sets, check out Gino Dykstra’s informative and concise reviews.

Slava Ukraini!

Profuse thanks to ICM and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.


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