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MK44H-0 Whiteknight

Published: January 7, 2018
Company: Hasegawa

This Whitenight is from a Japanese manga where the “MK44 is a Heavy Armored Fighting Suit which humans using for the defense from an attack of the mad computers.” Hasegawa manufactures the MK44H-0 and several other suits from the Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000 manga. I have only been modeling for a few years and I normally model modern jets, sci-fi spacecraft or real space. However; since I’m not… more

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Hasegawa F-22 Raptor "Ace Combat Mobius 1" Egg Plane

Published: April 5, 2017
Company: Hasegawa

This is my sixth Eggplane and the second review of the Hasegawa Eggplane Series. As I mentioned before, they assemble quickly and are generally well engineered. This kit is no exception. I always attempt to try one new technique or skill on each of my builds; I wanted to practice a camouflage paint scheme. Also from experience I know that large decals are hard to get to conform to the typical… more

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Eggplane F-2 & T-4 ADTW 60th Anniversary Combo

Published: January 29, 2017
Company: Hasegawa

The Hasegawa Eggplane Series is just plain fun. They assemble quickly, are generally well engineered, and for me provide an immediate platform to practice my budding modeling skills. I “assembled” plastic models as a kid; messy tube-glue seams and hand brushed finishes. I reenter the hobby a few years ago by joining the local IPMS chapter and enrolling in the club’s Adult Building Course.… more