Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller, Volume 19

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Editor/co-Publisher: Michael G. Reccia; Art Editor/co-Publisher: David Openshaw
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Volume 19
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I have three or four of these magazines and have also written a review on volume 15. The magazine is always a good read and this issue is no different, there are fourteen articles in this issue. They range from a 1:72nd scale Eagle Booster set (Space 1999) from Warp Models to 1:1 scale Galaxy Quest prop kits from Pegasus Hobbies.

This issue has the 3rd part of a 3 part story on the designing of the Moebius Jupiter 2 which offered a chance for all of us to see what goes into designing such a kit ( I can’t wait to build mine). The article on how to repair a damaged Snow speeder has great information that should be of help to all who have had some mishaps happen to our models such as kids and the cat all come to mind.

Two of the articles which are of great interest are the Eagle meeting and the Sci-fi air show. First the Eagle meeting: this is a yearly meeting of modelers to discuss various aspects of and the models featured in Space 1999. Unfortunately for most of us, it is held in England and you need an invite, but the models shown and displayed look really neat. Second is the Sci-fi air show. Bill George builds great Sci-fi ships (Spindrift, Flying Sub, etc.) complete with the landing gear then He Photoshop’s them in an air show setting. It is some great work and you can see more at

All in all, the sci-fi modeler can learn something from this magazine. It is ninety eight pages of quick read with some of classic British humor thrown in for fun. I always look forward to the upcoming issues to see what is next up. Happy Medium Press has some great sci-fi model makers on staff and their work is always inspirational and informative.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Happy Medium Press for the opportunity to review this magazine.


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