Yugoslav Fighter Colours 1919-1941 – Vol 1

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Petrovic & Nikolic
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Hardbound, 192 pages, black and white pictures and color drawings
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Rainbow 9141
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MMP Books continues its series of “Colours of…” Eastern European Air Forces. This time the Yugoslav Air Force in the 1919-1941 period is covered. The first volume covers the period immediate to the end of World War I up to a few years before World War II.

In particular this book covers the following airframes

  • Nieuport 24 & 27
  • Spad S.7
  • Albatross D.III
  • Phonix D.I & D.II
  • Aviatik D.I
  • Ansaldo SVA 5
  • Bristol F.2b
  • Dewoitine D.1
  • Dewoitine D.9
  • Dewoitine D.27
  • Avia BH-33E
  • Potez 25 A2

The book has chapters for each aircraft type in detail, including an introduction of how the airframe entered service. It finishes each section with a sub-chapter devoted to the camouflage colors, patterns and gorgeous color profiles (sometime even 3-view) of different aircrafts, next to a historical picture of the airplane.

In addition to the scans included in this review, the following short video is available that briefly shows each page in the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfTK-5g03RU

Finally, the book includes a few appendixes covering markings and insignia and tables including types and quantities of each aircraft type in service with the Yugoslav Air Force.

I’ve truly enjoyed reading this book. It is a great historical read; it has very good quality black and white pictures and amazing color profiles. My appetite has been wetted for Volume 2, which I expect will cover the WWII era airframes.

This book is highly recommended to historians, modelers and aviation aficionados.

I would like to thank Casemate Publishers and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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