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Note: There is an additional photoetch set for this- BRL48081 (Product Link) which includes a much better seat, vents, and plates.

The Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka was one of Japans last ditch Kamikaze weapons. It was a purpose-built, rocket-powered human-guided aircraft. The model 22 was to be powered by a TSU-11 thermojet (pulse jet) engine that increased the effective range of previous Ohka’s. This also reduced the size of the warhead to 600kg. The intent was to launch this from a P1Y3 Frances bomber and sink shipping. These never saw action but were produced and one now sits in the NASM.

Brengun’s kit of this subject consists of tan colored injection molded parts with nice scribing and includes both the Ohka and its trailer. There are 42 of these parts with about half going to the trailer and half going to the aircraft. Also included are a nice one-piece injection molded canopy, a small set of photoetch for the gunsight primarily and a set of decals with one set of markings. The instructions contain the color call outs which are generic and also decal placement.

Construction starts in the cockpit. The seat is basic and I would recommend adding the photoetch set as the seat is much better. Belts can also be added. The instrument panel is set up with well-defined dials and instruments can be added to the set. Interior is primarily dark gray and I used dark gull gray as a basis. The rudder pedals and control stick complete the interior. Before closing the fuselage, paint the interior of the tail section and add the engine exhaust, glue the cockpit in and add weight to the nose. There is a mention of the weight but I didn’t get enough and well, more about that later. There are no alignment pins so get things squared up and glue the fuselage shut. While it is drying, build the wing and tail units- again, there are no alignment pins so take your time. Once dry, mate the wings and tail. This took a little putty to get good but was not difficult. Make sure your seams are good, mask the canopy and glue it in place. This took a tiny amount of filler also. Once all this was done, the wing and tail balances and photoetch sight were added. I primed the model to look for defects and after a couple rounds of filling/sanding, it looked good. I set aside to concentrate on the trailer.

The transport trailer is a great idea since there is no landing gear on the Ohka (it was never meant to land) so this gave it a nice setting. The trailer is 13 parts plus tires and fit together with no issues. Again, there are no alignment pins so go slowly and compare to the drawings. I left the tires off for painting and used dark gull gray for the entire unit. The wood parts were painted tan and washed with dark brown. The pump and handles were picked out in silver or black as called for and the tires painted and added. A wash and then flat coat and the trailer was ready.

The Ohka is listed as one color and it is a light IJN gray to me. I used Tamiya IJN Gray color for this and followed with a bunch of clear coat for the decals. The decals went on well. Take your time with the red centerline stripes. Some will need cut to fit and using Microset, they all snuggled down well. I used a flat coat and a light weathering to show off some of the highlights followed by another flat coat.

When I added the Ohka to the cart, boom, tail sitter. I added a fair amount of weight but not enough so as a warning, add a lot of weight. To fix it, I had a spare base from Academy and glued cart down and the Ohka to the cart. Success!

This is a great kit and comes with all you need to build a great looking Model 22 Ohka. I would recommend spending the money to get the additional PE set as the seat and engine louvers make a strong visual difference. Recommended.

My thanks to Brengun for the opportunity to review this great set.


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