WWII USN Ladders and Gangplanks

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Any 1/700 USN ship.
Company: Lion Roar
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I was intrigued by the title of this PE set when I was notified by John Noack of its availability and was very excited when it arrived. You would think that a set titled “WWII USN Accommodation Ladders and Gangplanks” would not stir the imagination, after all accommodation ladders are available in other sets. But I have never seen gangplanks offered anywhere. It is a subject often neglected by PE manufacturers – “how do you get on and off a ship.” Well, this PE set is the answer.

There is a lot of detail and options packed into this small set:

  • Accommodation Ladders
    • Lion roar provides two styles of ladders each in two lengths – 16 total with 4 of each. They also provide the upper platform (8 total) and 9 J-bar davits; the J-bar davit sits on deck supports the lower part of the ladder. Doing the math, a modeler can build 8 ladders from this set.
  • Gangplanks
    • There are 16 in total in two styles and two lengths each. These easy to assemble – just double over the walkway and fold-up the handrails. These were often carried by ships for access to pierside or to cross to another ship in a nest. A nice touch is the inclusion of 7 sets of steps for the pier or quay. These are small steps, just 5-tread but they were used on the pier to make the gangplank more level. You would find them (and still do) sitting around Navy yards or Naval stations.

This set is impressive in its coverage and detail. The details will enhance the appearance of a ship model, either at anchor or moored. It would be a great addition for anyone modeling a nest of ships. Highly recommended! Now I want one a set in 1/350! I would like to thank Dragon-USA for providing the review sample.


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