WWII U.S. Sherman Tanks

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Rob Ervin and David Doyle, Illust'd by Don Greer, Line Dwgs by Melinda Turnage
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Softcover, 80-pp, Nearly 200 b&w photos, line drwgs
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In Action 2048
Company: Squadron Products - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Squadron - Website: Visit Site
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The M4 Sherman is probably the most easily recognizable American tank ever built. This book focuses in the variants and used by the American Army in World War II.

Variants cover include: Small Hatch M4, Small Hatch M4A1, Small Hatch M4A2, Small Hatch M4A3 75 mm, M4 Composite, M4 105 Howitzer, Large Hatch M4A1 (76)W, Large Hatch M4A2, Large Hatch M4A3 75 mm, Large Hatch M4A3 (76)W, M4A4 (105), M4A3E2, M4A6, M4A3E8 and a section devoted to specialized uses like Amphibious (DD Tanks), Bulldozer, Flamethrowers, etc.

The book is profusely illustrated with close to 200 B&W pictures and several color period pictures as well. There are just a few color profiles. The book covers variants that saw services in North Africa, Italy, D-Day, and the Western Front –including the Battle of the Bulge- as well as the Marine’s use of the Sherman in the Pacific.

Detailed line drawings provide details of each sub-variant, including details on the turret, hull, tracks and weaponry. Although most pictures with personnel are likely to be staged, several pictures have military personnel in them providing an insight on military uniform and gear.

Squadron Signal Publications has published a book named “Sherman in Action” (Armor 16). I do not have it, so I cannot tell you the differences between this edition and the previous one. However the authors are different, hence it is not a re-issue of the older book.

Modelers will find the line drawings very useful, while the pictures provide great ideas for dioramas. Recommended to armor modelers and historians.

I would like to thank Squadron Signal Publications and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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