WWII Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set

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October 12, 2012
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Company: Bronco Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site
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The Kit

This slick new set of Hungarian fuel drums and Jerry cans comes in a small, side-opening box with instructions and painting suggestions on the back. Three identical sprues of soft yellow-tan plastic and three sheets of photo etch make up the content. Expecting a run-of-the-mill modeling experience, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the engineering and design of everything – these were made with the modeler in mind.

Oil Drums

There are enough parts to assemble six oil drums. The top and bottom of each eight-part drum is stamped with either ‘HONV’, ‘LUH’, ‘MKR’, serial numbers, and such. What makes the design great is that the two rather thick banding rings are fit into grooves cut into the side of the drum half. This allows the modeler to assemble the drum, fill and sand away the panel lines, and then add the banding rings. In the hands of other manufacturers, this might have been a real sanding chore.

Jerry Cans

There are enough parts to assemble twelve Jerry cans. Here is where Bronco’s engineering really stands apart from the rest. Too many times, Jerry cans are attached to the sprue along their fine edge, where the two halves are seam-welded together. Many times it is next to impossible to keep from damaging this edge when you remove it from the sprue. Bronco provides two beautifully molded halves, one of which contains two exaggerated (male) locating pins. Over these pins drops a delicate photo-etch piece that acts as the seam line. The PE has holes that match the locating pins so you can assemble all three parts with just two small drops of plastic cement - without having to use CA glue. Nice. The seam runs the entire circumference of the can, and small notches are set into the three-pronged handle to allow for it. If cleaned properly, the handles even snap into place. Two types of pour nozzles are provided. When completed, these look GOOD and are a snap to build. Bronco has set the bar here.


Building these were a fun way to spend an evening in front of the TV. Once the parts are clipped and cleaned, assembly is a snap. I really loved the unique way Bronco chose to design both the drums and Jerry cans – for modelers. The fit is excellent.

As a military modeler, it seems like I never have enough of these things around, and I am happy to see some real effort put in to designing these better. I highly recommend this set for anyone who needs to fill up the back of a truck or AFV.

I would like to thank Bronco and Dragon Models USA for providing this kit for review, and to IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to build it.


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