WWII German Road Police

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February 5, 2014
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Initial Impression

The kit comes in a two part box, with a card stock cover and corrugated base providing very good protection for the kit. The front shows the five figures in one street scene and one side shows each figure individually.

Upon opening the box, we find the kit and instructions. The front of the instructions show the sprues with part numbers. A color list is included with Model Master stock numbers and the color names in Russian and English. The opposite side of the instructions shows drawings of the completed figures with part numbers in black and color call outs in red. The color guide is more useful since the sprue layout keeps each figure’s parts together.

The parts are arranged one one sprue of light brown plastic, which is relatively soft and responds well to Plastruct Cement. Each figure’s parts are kept in one corner of the spue with the last figure extending down the middle.


This was very straightforward with each figure consisting of about ten parts, typically head, hat, torso, arms, legs, great coat skirt and maybe a holster. The ticket writing figure’s left hand is in two parts, with the thumb and citation book a separate piece. The faces all have a pretty neutral affect, no obvious smiles, frowns or scowls.

It’s peculiar that four of the five figures have two part hats while one has the same style as one piece.

There are no decals so any emblems will need to be hand painted.

Each figure took about 5 minutes from sprue to completion including removing attachment points. There are a few mold lines present which are easy to clean up. The figures stand 1.96 inches (without including the peak of a couple caps) giving a real world height of 5 feet 7 inches.


I tested Vallejo Acrylic black on the boots of one figure. Lightly thinned and straight from the bottle it adhered and covered well on unprimed plastic. Model Master enamel also covered well when brushed on. Facial features are a bit soft but adequate to show details when a layer of Citadel sepia wash way applied over flesh. Uniform details are quite crisp for plastic and will give the painter a good palette to paint. Folds are not excessive so highlights and shading will be a bit easier for the less experienced figure painter. For the most part, the eyes will be covered by the brim so they will have to be painted before the hat is attached.


The figures as assembled would comprise 3 reasonable scenes: one writing a ticket who will require a car’s bumper to hold his leg up, one on a traffic elevation directing traffic and three “conversing.”

Thanks to MMD Squadron for the sample.


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