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ICM continues to please with their latest figure offering – three French tank crewmen showing off their pride and joy to a couple of typically bedazzled kids. Not surprisingly, the sculpting is first-rate, with distinctive character to every face. As the figures don’t come with a lot of equipment, assembly is very straight-forward with no real glitches. A wee bit of putty here and there is definitely called for, especially around the officer’s coat tails.

Although the box art shows them gathering around ICM’s new FCM-36 French tank, the seated tanker can fit into almost any French tank. The standing figures, of course, are appropriate for just about any vignette you can think of.

One of things I particularly like about this set is that despite its title, all of these figures can be used in either a World War II OR World War I scenario, perhaps with the exception of the steel-jawed standing tanker in a sweater (and I’m not even really sure about that one). The seated tanker, for instance, wears the crested version of the tanker’s helmet that was seen in the later stages of the First World War, and the rest of his uniform is equally ambiguous. The standing French officer is wearing a standard uniform that can be changed to either conflict simply by changing the base color. The kids, of course, are timeless. This opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities that go far beyond what the box art suggests. Personally, I intend to utilize them for both eras.

All in all, a very . . . human . . . set of figures with a lot of potential. Once again, ICM offers us something a bit “different” and with wide-open possibilities. I can’t recommend them enough for any fan of French armor of EITHER war. Outstanding.

My thanks to ICM for offering us some more fun, and to IPMS/USA for a chance to play with these little gems. Be safe, everyone, and happy modeling!


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