WWI and WWII Weapon and Equipment Acrylic Paint Set

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December 14, 2023
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ICM is one of a few Ukrainian companies soldiering on through an intense war to continuously create exciting new products for the modeler. They have been releasing amazing kits and increasingly useful paint sets that are tied to specific themes. This sample features paints that can be used to paint infantry equipment and weapons from both World Wars. ICM provides a useful diagram on the back of the package showing two halves with painting colors for guns, gear, and tools from WWI and WWII respectively.

This particular set contains six 12ml wide mouth bottles of paint that have the same viscosity to me as Vallejo Model Color paints. I prefer the dropper bottles that Vallejo and AMMO have as these wider mouth bottles can lead to messes when transferring from your bottle to your palette or airbrush. The six colors are:

  • 1025 Natural Steel
  • 1027 Gun Metal
  • 1035 Grey Green
  • 1031 Warm Grey
  • 1053 Leather Brown
  • 1002 Black

The photo of the sample gear I used from my spares box follows this same order from left to right. The coverage is quite nice, with the paint being very opaque. It brushes on nicely and seems to level out as it dries. There are instructions for airbrushing if one chooses to go that route by diluting with water or thinner 40-60%, but I tried doing so with the Ghost of Kyiv set and found it to clog up my airbrush amid using it- causing spattering. I am not sure if one would seek to airbrush this set onto their scale weapons, unless they had a whole bunch of them to spray, I suppose. Brush painting seems to be the most ideal use for the formulation though.

Overall this is quite a handy set to have for anyone modeling military subjects from either World War. Being acrylic, clean up the paint afterwards is a breeze with water. I look forward to similar sets from ICM in the future. My thanks to ICM and IPMS-USA for this review sample.


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