World War I US Propaganda Posters (Set 1)

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Company: Matho Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Matho Models - Website: Visit Site

Thanks to Matho Models for this sample.

During the First World War, it was common to see posters to support the effort, buy bonds and accept the sacrifices asked of people on the home front.

This item, packed in a zip lock bag with a hanger and cardstock backing, provides 22 various US posters in 1/35 scale printed on 0.1 mm semi-gloss paper. Under extreme magnification, reading glasses, Optivisor and magnifying lamp, I was able to see some signs of the printing process, however, under normal viewing conditions, these look fine. All but the finest print is readable, colors are sharp but muted enough to not be overwhelming. Each poster will need to be cut from the sheet using a straight edge and sharp X-Acto type blade. A couple will need closer than usual attention to get the light edges cut properly as they tend to blend into the background.

These will add a touch of color to a street scene and some might even work as a name plate on a figure base.

The website recommends using their Varnish Glue to attach the posters, but regular white glue should do just fine.


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