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Plusmodel has introduced a wheelbarrow diorama piece that should provide some opportunities to be creative in deciding what the wheelbarrow will be carrying.

Opening the Bag

First, a little background on why I selected this kit. Previously, I had written over a dozen IPMS reviews across several scales and categories. Then I took a break from modeling, and when I returned a couple of months ago I wanted to start with something easy. This subject looked like a good start.

The contents of the bag include 6 resin pieces and an instruction diagram. The pieces are a light grey resin with very light flash around the wheel. The wheel and axle were deformed.

The Build

A dry fit showed a good fit with the exception of the deformed wheel/axle. I attached the sides and then the end pieces, and that took care of 5 of the 6 pieces. I then painted the wheel separately from the body and was able to insert the axle ends into the opening with pressure holding the wheel in place. I did consider trying to correct the wheel deformity, but given its fragility, no options came to mind other than heat. I rejected that since there would be no going back after a botched attempt.


The model presents some interesting scratchbuilding opportunities. Do you fill it with potatoes, sheep wool, fruits, vegetables, coal, wood, etc.? Selecting something should take a “simple” subject and add some challenge.

I recommend this kit for all modelers interested in dioramas.

I would like to thank Plusmodel for providing this kit for review, and IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to build it.


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