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December 31, 2013
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Plusmodel continues its laser etched wood releases with a straight sided gate. This set is made from laser cut wood and contains two sheets of cut wood parts with 26 parts. The set also comes with directions to construct the gates.

Construction starts by removing the parts from the backing. There are small attachment points which are sanded flat. I used clear Elmer's glue for all the building. One note here. If you are going to stain the parts or paint them later, watch where the glue goes as it will fill the wood and leave some issues with the paint or stain working. To start, the door panels are two parts- back and front. This allows for depth which is great. I added glue and aligned the pieces and added weight to keep flat while drying. Once done, the framework on both sides is added and I glued and clamped these also. Plusmodel provides a nice diagonal frame on one side which is great. Once dry, the parts were given a light sanding with a fine grit paper/stick.

Since I had two of these to build, I decided to paint on and stain one. For this straight gate, I decided on a nice dark green finish. I sanded the back and front with a fine sanding stick. The part was then sprayed with Tamiya dark green. The wood absorbs the paint so a couple coats were needed. Once dry, I flat coated the part and then weathered with some washes and pastels. Once last flat coat and we're done.

This is another great set from Plusmodel and has lots of applications in dioramas. I do hope Plusmodel comes out with the side posts and hinges for this set also to add to the diorama. These could be added to any of the many aftermarket sets and add real interest. it has depth and realism that is not found in resin doors. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Plusmodel and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this excellent item.


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