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July 4, 2020
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Ukraine’s prolific MiniArt has released this WOODEN FENCE as a follow up to their METAL FENCE. It is a welcome addition to their large line of 1/35 buildings and building accessories. This kit contains 4 of the same sprue that yield 140 grey styrene parts with wood grain molded in that will create a lattice-style fence for civilian, military and railroad modelers, and architects, much like its real counterpart. I believe this is a style of fence that might be seen throughout the Western world and Eastern block, though I’m no expert on fences! Like the real fence, each lattice section connects to a post on each end, which connects to the next section. Each post is topped off with a square crown. Each section has a top rail. You can add single width gates (for people) or double (for vehicles, etc) with the handle, hinge and latching hardware provided. With care, you might be able to assemble it with gates that work.

Before you do anything, take a good look at the bottom of the side-opening box and note that MiniArt Ltd’s artist has illustrated two optional ways you can build your fence. The basic differences are your choice of a long (my choice) or a tall version. You have to decide which you want, as there are enough parts to build one or the other. You also have to decide what gates you want and where you want them. You are free to design your own layout for your fence.

The box bottom provides paint numbers that are color coded for Vallejo, Testor, Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell, and Mr. Color paints, but you can paint your fence whatever color you want. An 8.25 x 11.5 inch black and white insert shows the sprue trees and part numbers and the step-by-step assembly. The drawings are confusing if you don’t note that MiniArt is offering you a choice of either vertical or horizontal! Each part has mold seams that have to be cleaned up with a #11 blade, which is easily done. This plastic is not as hard as I’m used to on their figure sets. With 140 parts needing attention, it is a tedious, time consuming task. Set yourself up in front of a TV and the job will be completed while the commercials come on! You can zip right thru this with your Dremel and a sanding tool and won’t even have time for the TV!

I assembled my fence primarily with Tamiya thin liquid cement. Zap-a-Gap helped secure smaller parts and reinforced wherever I felt extra strength was required. Minimal putty was necessary. Once assembled, I painted it enamel flat black. When dry, I dry bushed my fence Pactra acrylic color, which brought the wood grain to the surface. I wanted a war-worn fence.

I can recommend this WOODEN FENCE to most experienced modelers. Not only is the subject matter very welcome, but it quickly allows you to assemble an otherwise complicated fence. I trust that civilian and military modelers, railroad modelers, and even professional architects will find many uses for this fence. The quality of the molding is flash-free but the mold seam lines require cleaning up. This is common to injection molded buildings and accessories kits.

Thanks to MRC, who is the U.S. distributor for MiniArt kits, for the review sample. Thanks to MiniArt for seeing a need, and for filling the need. As I write, MiniArt is about to release a VILLAGE ACCESSORIES Set (picket fence, wooden table and benches, ladders) and FURNITURE SET (kitchen cabinet, round table and chairs, horizontal dresser and armoire) which will be very welcome. As a military modeler, I appreciate MiniArt’s many building kits and accessories to bring my models to life. Rather than display my model by itself, MiniArt easily allows me to show it off in a scene, by a semi-destroyed building, or behind a country home’s fence, or wherever my imagination takes me. Thank you, MiniArt! And thanks to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review the kit.


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