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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site

This set contains all the products required to recreate the texture of snow on any surface including terrain, vehicles, and buildings.

This product has been designed for easy use, particularly for beginners. With the products included in this set, you will be able to recreate recently fallen pure white snow to the distinctive slush and refreezing of the thaw. The unique formula ensures near identical real snow in any scale from 1/16th to 1/72nd, adding a stunning finish to your models, scenes and dioramas.

These products can be diluted with water to make them more fluid. Once dry, you can apply effects with oils and enamels over the snow effect to obtain extremely realistic results. Non-toxic.

Included in the box are:

  • A.MIG-2080 Powder Snow
  • A.MIG-2081 Wet Snow
  • A.MIG-2082 Snow Binder
  • A.MIG-2057 Glossy Lucky Varnish (17ml)

My Experience Using this Set

I must confess that I am not a diorama modeler. I build armor (among other types of models) and I am content with doing so without bases. Adding ‘physical’ snow to a military vehicle, however, has always been something that I thought might be a good skillset to have.

While the concept is simple, the execution – or at least (my) execution - left me a little disappointed. Perhaps in the hands of others, better results can be achieved.

I first tried applying what is called ‘Dry’ snow, meaning I mix together 3 of the 4 products, and apply that to my model with a brush.

I ended up spending four modeling sessions (each ‘drying’ period is 24 hours long) trying to fix what I had done in the previous session(s) – which is not exactly a ringing endorsement! That said, the process is simple, so I think my issues boil down to technique.

My fifth session involved using a different mix of products (swapping the ‘dry’ snow with the ‘wet’ snow), which I spread around the surfaces of the vehicle, just to try something different. I ran into the same type of problem, however, which is due to the mixing ratios required.

The instructions use a mixing ratio that I found difficult to achieve due to the radically different mediums. The (60%) ‘snow’ is a very, very fine crystalline sand; the fixing agent (30%) is a thick creamy paste (think mayonnaise), and the glossy additive (10%) is a thin liquid. Using a ratio with those types of materials is a challenge to measure out with any type of accuracy. As a result, my first attempt was all fixing agent and no snow. The second, third and fourth applications finally built up some snow, but it came out looking a little… wrong. But - by the fourth application I found that I could manage the mixing ratio like I do with creating a pigment slurry – I sort of ‘know’ when I have added enough of each element to do the job. And perhaps in another group of modeling sessions I will have mastered these products as well. Since the mixing agent is essentially a thick white glue, however, what‘s done is done to my model.

Clean Up

Cleaning up the tools and mixing tins is a breeze as long as you get to it quickly after use; the mixture will dry as hard as cement if you don’t wash them in a timely manner. Plain old tap water works fine – I added a little detergent to the brushes I used to make sure I got everything out of the bristles.


I am a big fan of Ammo products and I have tried nearly every one of their product lines over the years. Even though I had trouble with the Winterizer set, I sincerely believe that my issues would be resolved if I used the product more, thereby becoming familiar with its specific characteristics.

The Winterizer set is a good idea if you need to get some authentic-looking snow down on a vehicle or diorama. I would suggest that you first apply it to a throw away test model to figure out how it works, and then to work in layers, over a period of time, to achieve the results you are looking for.

I would like to heartily thank Ammo by Mig for providing these paints for review, and to IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to use them.

Reviewer Bio

Eric Christianson

Eric Christianson is a father to two boys (Reed and Dean), the President of the Seattle Chapter of IPMS, and a long-time Little League umpire. He is also a devoted husband and companion to a wonderful woman named Jackie who enthusiastically supports his passions. Recently retired as a programmer, his home office has been scratch-built into ‘a perfect model room’. Modeling since he was a boy, Eric mostly builds armor these days, but still dabbles in 1/32nd aircraft and other types of models from time to time. He also enjoys presenting seminars on weathering and technique at local shows. Many of Eric’s kit reviews can be found on the IPMS USA website.

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