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February 5, 2022
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Mark Proulx
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48 pages , softbound
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Windg of the Black Cross Special 2
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Eagle Editions is synonymous with Luftwaffe subjects so it comes as no surprise that their latest book in the Wings of the Black Cross series is an airplane that just evokes memories of the Luftwaffe, the iconic Ju-87 Stuka. The name and the noise of the airplane became a symbol for Luftwaffe dominance of the air in the early part of the war. By the Battle of Britain, it was grossly outclassed and obsolete, yet is soldiered on until the very end of the war.

This book covers the Stuka history throughout it’s development in 48 pages softbound book. It features 67 photos from the author’s private collection, most never seen before. A little history and camouflage is covered including some survivors in the beginning. Then the book excels at showing you some unique photos. They cover from the Anton to the final G variants. The pictures are presented in half pages normally so they are easy to see and garner information from. Each picture comes with an informative caption. There are little nuggets of information in there. There are plenty of Ju-87A photos included which is a welcome addition as photos of that variant are hard to find. Of course, the iconic Ju-87B is included, there is a magnificent walk around from and upended winter camouflage one. What is nice with this series is that the snow reflects off of the belly and gives you excellent reference for modeling. R models are shown in the desert and in Russia. One of my favorites is a Ju-87R with a charging rhino on the nose. Something I’ve never seen before. It is included in a color profile to boot.

Speaking of color profiles, on top of the first rate, previously unreleased photos are the beautiful profile drawings done by Steve Deisley. The profiles bring the black and white subjects to life and will be very inspiring to the model builder.

Another first for me with this book is the inclusion of some photos of operational D-4 torpedo carrying Stukas. When I say there is something in here for everyone who likes the Ju-87 I mean it. Some new pictures of Rudel’s crashed G-2 aircraft are included. A glider towing D-5 is also shown to round out the book.

If you like the Ju-87 Stuka, this is a must have book for you. If you have a passing interest in the Stuka again this is a must have book. The winning formula that Eagle Editions has with their entire Wings of the Black Cross series is phenomenal. This is another winner. I personally can’t wait to see what is next.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Eagle Edition and IPMS/USA for this review copy. You can obtain your copy by contacting Eagle Editions at their website at . Let them know IPMS/USA sent you.


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