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Softcover, 36 pages (including covers), modeling articles, period photos, technical drawings
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Vol.29, No.6
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The Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Windsock Worldwide (now branded ‘WINDSOCK World War Centenary’) is the last issue of Volume 29 and it’s pages continue the publication’s tradition of delivering some of the most interesting, accurate and unique information about WWI aviation to be found anywhere.

As an example, this issue initiates a new mini-series titled 100 Great Warplanes, that promises to profile some of the lesser known and/or poorly chronicled WWI types. The first to be featured in an eleven-page article in this issue is the 1916 German two-seat Rumpler C.III. Eleven pages are devoted to this reconnaissance aircraft with a historical description, 27 period photographs (many previously unpublished), full 1/48 scale plans of all versions and an exclusive color profile of the prototype C.III by Ronny Bar.

In the pages preceding the first mini-series however, this issue presents a most unique WWI subject, under the heading ‘GREAT WAR’ FIRE POWER…German Aircraft-mounted Flamethrowers. This relatively little known subject is covered in nearly four full pages of text, period photographs and technical drawings.

Actually, before that, this issue presents three outstanding Wingnut Wings models, a Roland D.VIa prototype, an SE5a and a Sopwith Pup. READERS GALLERY, followed by the regular FRONTLINE NEWS column (complete with a brief Christmas greeting).

Continuing to move forward, the cover of WS 29/6 features a ‘New’ LVG C.VI…not a restored aircraft…rather, a newly constructed aircraft by MFA/TVAL. The aircraft makes its debut in a two-page spread with a brief narrative and 19 more full color views of many of the details to be appreciated.

Elsewhere, the Fokker D.VII in post-war colors is this issue’s Great War Paint contribution, offering a great variety of alternative color schemes for that WWI iconic aircraft. Further on, a number of the latest decals, accessories and kits are reviewed, including Wingnut Wings latest pair of Eindeckers, a Hansa Brandenburg CC from Omega Models and numerous new 1/32 WWI figures and diorama products. The concluding pages also include a number of product and retailer advertisements of special interest to readers of this publication.

It is important to note that this issue will be the last bimonthly publication. In a special sidebar, the editor announces that beginning in 2014, and for the next few years, both WINDSOCK and DATAFILE series will return to a quarterly publication schedule. He explains this action will allow the Albatros Productions’ team to concentrate on a number of new projects and ensure that readers ‘will continue to receive journals that are foremost in their field.’

This issue is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders as well as those with an interest in WWI aviation history.

My thanks to Albatros Productions for providing the review copy of this excellent publication, and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it


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