Windsock Worldwide, Vol. 28, No. 2 - March/April 2012

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Softcover, 36 pages, aircraft articles, book/magazine reviews, kit reviews
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Volume 28, Number 2
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This bimonthly magazine is a must for modelers (and aviation enthusiasts) interested in World War One aircraft. The magazine is published by Albatros Productions Ltd. in the UK, which also publishes the great line of Windsock Datafiles and Specials.

The headline article in this issue covers an in-depth build of the Wingnut Wings kit of the Rumpler C.IV. The author of the article is the editor of the magazine, Ray Rimmel, and he displays an absolute love of the Rumpler C.IV. The article covers 12 pages and includes many little additions, both scratchbuilt and aftermarket, that Ray added to the kit to individualize the model to his preference. Some photos from the article are shown. The basic kit was reviewed in the Vol. 27/6 issue of the magazine which showed how magnificent the basic model can be built.

The article provides a table listing the basic colors used for the model. Six references are provided to try to match the unique colors of the Rumpler. The modeler will have to check various paint manufacturers to get the proper colors. As usual, photos of the actual aircraft are included. In my opinion, the magazine is worth the price for this article alone.

Another great article covers Chapter Six, part two, of Lance Krieg’s Modeling Master Class. This portion covers Major Assembly. This series has been running off and on since Vol. 25/1 and has covered all of the skills and techniques needed to build great WW I aircraft (and aircraft in general). This portion provides great information on mounting wings and struts, as well as some other assembly tips. The info on mounting top wings is great and detailed.

This issue includes several other great articles. One is “Great War Paint No. 4, Vickers Vimy”. The article includes photos and a two page spread covering paint schemes of the Vimy. The usual three-view drawings from this issue cover the Morane Saulnier Type ANL, a late war French two-seater. Another interesting article covers an Albatros D.III (OAW) that flew into Russian territory and was captured. Color schemes and photos of the aircraft in German and Russian markings are provided. Finally, an article on Allied ordnance used by the Germans is included. It shows several interesting photos.

As usual, the magazine covers the latest news from kit, decal and accessory manufacturers as well as recent publications and photos from readers.

I am a great fan of this magazine and this issue is one of the best yet. Well recommended for modelers and aviation enthusiasts alike. My thanks to Albatros for providing this sample and to IPMS/USA for letting me have this review.


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