Windsock Worldwide, Vol. 27, No. 2 - March/April 2011

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Vol. 27, No. 2, March/April 2011
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This one is especially interesting to me because of the Wingnut Wings Hansa-Brandenburg W.29s on the cover and since I am in the process of finishing up one of these models. For WWI aviation enthusiasts and modelers, this publication is hard to beat.

Logbook entries review many of the latest WWI publications - magazines and books. This is followed by a big article entitled, "Builda Betta Burga!", which is dedicated to the Wingnut Wings W.29 kit. The editor builds a fine model and takes you through the build in detail, pointing out potential gotcha's and things to be aware of. There is also a page dedicated to the Benz Bz.III engine using contemporary drawings and what seem to be photographs. Nice.

This is followed by a good two-page article, "Aspects of the Hansa Brandenburg W29" by Harry Woodman discussing little known facts about the plane and its combat experiences. Following is a two page spread of scale drawings of the De Havilland DH11 Oxford.

The other big feature is another in the series of Modelling Master Class by Lance Krieg. I have met Lance and he is a very nice guy, but also the poster boy for WWI AMS. Consequently, you can learn an awful lot from these articles about building, modifying and scratch building WWI airplanes. Well worth the price of admission.

The issue is rounded off with reviews of decals, parts and kits worthy of WWI modelers' attentions.

Even if you are not bitten by the turnbuckle and wires bug, this is a very worthwhile publication to add to your collection.

Thanks to IPMS and Windsock Worldwide for the magazine and the review opportunity.


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