Windsock Worldwide, Vol. 26, No. 4 - July/August 2010

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Windsock V26 #4 Cover

This bi-monthly publication provides an excellent resource for WWI aviation enthusiasts. The publication is an 8x12 softbound magazine and usually averages about 30 to 34 pages. Each issue features a particular aircraft modeling project. In this issue there are two featured articles.

Lance Krieg’s “Modelling Master Class”. Part 3 covers detailing the “Cockpit”. The text is accompanied with excellent images that illustrate the techniques discussed within the article. This series of articles will cover additional topics in the next few issues providing a very valuable resource to the modeler.

The second of the two featured articles is entitled, “Rolands in Russia”. Author Marat Khairulin, translated by Sergey Vlasenko. Accompanied by a large number of original images, this article provides a brief history of some captured Rolands and their use and eventual fate while in Russian hands.

Beyond the feature articles and the excellent images, Windsock provides kit reviews, listings of newly published books, and reviews of new decal products. Even the advertisements are worth some study and attention since they focus on items specific to the construction of aircraft of WWI.

If you are new to modeling WWI aircraft then Windsock is an excellent investment and should be considered a valuable “tool” that can enhance the rapid growth of one’s modeling skills. If you are a veteran of many “WWI builds”, Windsock provides excellent reference materials and “How To” articles that will enhance one’s modeling experience.

This issue is highly recommended and one would be wise to invest in a subscription due to Windsock’s long history of excellence and reliability.

Thanks to Albatros Publications for providing this issue of Windsock to IPMS.


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