Windsock World War Centenary Winter 2016, Vol.32, No.4

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Editor: Ray Rimell
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Softbound, A4 [8.27” x 11.69:], 32 pages
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WindSock Volume 32, Number 4
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The Winter 2016 edition of Windsock World War Centenary is the fourth edition of Volume 32. The cover subject is a tease for Avro Vercamer’s two page spread of a Belgian Escadrille Sopwith Camel color profiles getting ready for the Wingnut Wings new releases on the Sopwith Camel. Rony Barr sneaks in the inset color profile on the Albatros D.III of Jasta 10. Avro Vercamer’s [ , ] two page spread on the Sopwith Camel in the Great Warpaint series covers seventeen Sopwith Camels from the Belgian Escadrille to the USS Texas’ Camel equipped with flotation gear. Rony Barr provides three Albatros D.III color profiles to support Greg VanWyngarden’s Fabric Colours and Markings series that focuses on the iconic 1370/17 Pfalz D.III.

This issue kicks off with a review of the 2016 IPMS USA National Convention by Ed Boll. Up next is the Logbook Entries department that provides reviews of books and journals, this issue reviewing three books, four journals, and four ‘odds and ends’. The conclusion in a series by the late Harry Woodman focuses on an unpublished update to his rare Scale Model Aircraft in Plastic Card that is a must have. This “Practical Modeling” feature provides updates to the original and is supplemented with plenty of archival material and color photos. This concluding part discusses the changes that apply to smaller scales (<1/72), discusses finishing (metal finishes, replicating wood, rubber tires, and weathering), the use of metal parts (white metal, photo-etched, and why Harry Woodman built models. The detail that Harry Woodman put into a machine gun and its mount alone is amazing.

Greg VanWyngarden’s update on the singular Pflaz D. III 1370/17 is an engrossing update to Ray Rimell’s original article that appeared in the very first Windsock back in the Spring of 1985. This airframe was the first intact D.III to fall into British hands and was the subject to many photographs. Greg VanWyngarden digs deep on whether this airframe was possibly flown by Werner Voss. Up next is the latest installment by David Byers on Helmets, Hats & Headgear, this time focusing on the US Air Service.

Lance Krieg provides an excellent update to a build of the Roden 1/48 Nieuport 28, the second time he’s built the kit in Charles H Woolley’s markings. New information on colors and markings, as well as the experience obtained from his first build; have Lance Krieg producing an incredible model. The article includes archival reference photos of the actual machine, plus color photos of the details of his build. The kit review section, “…In Your New Kitbag…”, leads off with a preview of the Copper State Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin.

Section include:

  • Frontline News
  • IPMS USA National Convention (Ed Boll)
  • Logbook Entries {Book / Journal Reviews} [Page 3]
  • Practical Modelling… Modeling Vintage Aircraft in Plastic Card Conclusion (Harry Woodman) [Page 11]
  • Fabric – Colours and Markings (Greg VanWyngarden) [Page 16]
  • Helmets, Hats & Headgear: US Air Service Soft Shell Helmets (David A Byers) [Page 19]
  • 1:48 Scale Nieuport 28 Redux (Lance Krieg) [Page 23]
  • Great War Paint No. 17 (Part 3) Sopwith Camel (Avro Vercamer) [Page 25]
  • ...In Your New Kitbag... [Page 29]
  • Accessories
  • Figuratively Speaking

This publication is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders and those with an interest in WWI aviation history. The publication contains excellent color images of real aircraft and advertisements that provide one with the compass to find aftermarket goodies.

My thanks to Albatros Productions Ltd. and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great journal.

Highly recommended!


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