Windsock World War Centenary Autumn 2014 - Vol.30, No.3

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Softcover, 36 pages (including covers), modeling articles, period photos, technical drawings.
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Vol.30, No.3
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Windsock World War Centenary Autumn 2014 is the third issue of Volume 30. Albatros Productions bills it as their “packed Autumn edition” because it provides readers with a great variety of top-notch modeling know-how and unique reference material. Packed is not a boast; this issue delivers a wealth of WWI aircraft modeling information along with historical and technical references.

A dramatic close-up photo on the cover of a Wingnut Wings Hannover CI.II built by David Hardie kicks things off by spotlighting one of this issue’s main articles and a presentation of numerous Hannover CI.II color profiles featured in a two-page spread. Inside the cover the regular sections, Front Line News, covering a variety of current topics, Our Readers' Gallery, featuring color photos of no less than seven exquisite models in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, and 1/28 scale (pictured below), and Logbook Entries, reviewing five new titles relevant to the WWI centenary, lead into the issue’s feature articles.

In Great War Paint No. 14, editor Ray Rimell leads into the subject of the wide variety of German Hannover paint schemes that are aptly illustrated in the color profiles that follow. Turn the page and Lance Krieg concludes his 1914 Centenary Taube project in a four-page article with 27 photos. Following that, a two-page article titled “In for Repair” offers up a unique way to stage a Wingnut Wings Albatros. Then, the author presents his fitting tribute to the late Harry Woodman with a set of his 1/48 scale plans of the Russian Duks (Nieuport) monoplane and rare photos from his collection.

David Hardie then presents his build notes for the Wingnut Wings Hannover CL.II with additional photos of the model featured on the cover. As a welcome reference for builders of the new Wingnut Wings DFW C.V kits, eight period photos of a mix of DFW C.Vs follow in a three-page feature which bookends three pages of In Your Kitbag reviews of new kit offerings in large scales. Kitbag then continues with reviews of 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144 scale WWI kits and Figuratively Speaking reviews eleven new 1/12, 1/32, and 1/48 scale WWI figures. The Rudder Post column and a number of manufacturer and retailer advertisements then bring this standout issue to a close.

It is important to remind longtime readers of Windsock Worldwide that with the change to World War Centenary, both Windsock and the current Datafile series are now published on a quarterly schedule.

This publication is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders and those with an interest in WWI aviation history.

My thanks to Albatros Productions for providing the review copy of this excellent publication and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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