Windsock Datafile No. 157, Halberstadt CL.II At War

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John Alcorn
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Softcover, 36 pages plus four-color cover sheets, 6 color profiles, one color three-view drawing, 76 black & white photos
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Datafile 157
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The Halberstadt CL.II series of two-seat close-support biplanes was introduced during 1917, and the type became the standard German type for the duration of the war, supplanted but never replaced by the later CL.IV and Hannover C1 biplanes. Robust and efficient in construction, and powered by the 180 hp. Mercedes D.IIIau water-cooled engine, the type was used to support ground troops – attacking, strafing, and bombing enemy positions, and causing considerable problems in Allied operations. In addition to ground support, the type often encountered Allied fighters, and crews often held their own against the more nimble Allied single-seaters. Postwar, surviving aircraft were flown into the 1920s, and the only surviving example, which was originally displayed in a Berlin aviation museum, is currently in Poland awaiting restoration. Detail photos of this aircraft are included in this publication.

The Book

This book contains everything you will need to know about this historic aircraft, including numerous black and white photos, color photos and drawings, an account of the development of the type, and an extensive description of the battles in which the aircraft was used. In addition, considerable space is devoted to the issue of color schemes and markings, with explanations of why accurate information is virtually unobtainable.


If you have any interest in World War I aircraft, this book is a necessary addition to your collection. The author keeps up the high standards usually attributed to the Windsock Datafile series, and you will not be disappointed by this work. Get one today.

Thanks to Albatros Publications and IPMS’s Dick Montgomery for the review copy.


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