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February 7, 2017
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I started out with this small, bagged resin and Photo-Etched brass kit, thinking it would be a quick, enjoyable build. What I found was much more complicated.

The kit consists of 1 Photo-Etched Brass sheet containing the Acetylene Torch/Welding cart and two different welding guns, depending on your preference, and 1 resin sprue consisting of the welder figure, two spoked wheels, two very fragile axles, and the gas tanks.

Initially, the parts removal and flash cleanup are fairly easy, however, this is in 1/87 scale (HO), so everything is very small as seen in this photo with needle nose pliers and #11 Xacto blade for scale.

Up until this point, the build went relatively well, bending the cart into shape, and fitting the axle and wheels to the cart. However, My mistake was not gluing the gas tanks to the cart before I fitted the axle and wheels.

As a result, my fat fingers applied too much pressure and I completely destroyed the cart/axle system.

The instructions are well-illustrated, and suggest adding wire from the tank valves to the welding gun in the welder’s hand, but this didn’t help me much after I accidentally destroyed the cart.

Overall, this is a very well-cast kit as far as the resin components go, and the Photo-etched brass sheet is well cut, everything fits together nicely, however my ham fingers were just too clumsy in this case.

I would only recommend this kit to someone with a lot of experience in both small-scale modeling and joining the dissimilar Photo-etched brass and resin components completely due to the fragile nature of this highly-detailed kit.

Thanks to Hauler for providing this review item.


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