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Green Stuff World Weathering Sticks are disposable sponge paint brushes that can be used to create stipple effects on models, similar to using bits of a sponge dipped in paint. The weathering sticks are like a pencil and in a much easier to use form than bits of sponges. The sponge material is enclosed in a white plastic sleeve, and the sponge can be pulled out and cut off to provide a new surface. The sponge can also be cut to different shapes to create different effects.

The weathering sticks come in two sizes, 8mm and 15mm. The 15mm size comes two to a package and the 8mm comes 3 to a package.

I use the sponge technique a lot when weathering models and I find these sponge sticks to be very convenient. The sponge can be pulled out of the tube slightly as paint dries and trimmed off to expose a fresh surface. With water-based paints, the paint can be washed out before it sets to reuse the brush. I also used the brushes in some watercolor paintings which also created a nice stipple effect. The watercolor paints easily washed out of the brush.

At about $5 for 2 or 3 the brushes are fairly inexpensive. I have been using the same two brushes for a while now, so they are easy enough to clean or cut off and reuse.

Thanks to Green Stuff World for supplying the review samples.


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