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This kit is cleanly molded in the standard multicolored plastic offered by MiniArt. Using the same parts as with the other kits, there are no surprises; all parts are cleanly molded with crisp detail and free of flash.


Assembly was followed in the same manner as the Townhouse kit, building the corners first and then attaching the walls. Once again, I feel as if this is the preferred method for a better construction. All parts went together without issue on the main structure. Next, it was time to tackle my bane/failure from one of the previous kits…the stairs. I honestly cannot give a whole lot of complements to the stairs due to lack of alignment/attachment points for the entire assembly. I ended up just making the stairs look close to correct and moving on. The manner in which the railings attach on the balcony and stairs is not very sturdy. I found that my cement melted the holes closed in no time.

Final Thoughts

To me, this kit may have been an end to the era. I have now assembled 5 of these structures. All of the kits in this line are of made of the similar parts, same steps and usually painted in the same colors. That is perfect and foolproof. With all of that said, this and the others are still amazing kits that I would highly recommend; I just need a break from them for a while. Thanks to MRC Academy and MiniArt and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review these kits!


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