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hardbound, 208 pages, B&W period photos and line drawings
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The Battleship series is a yearly publication which includes historical research topics related to naval warfare. The Editor is John Jordan and each yearly edition has multiple authors.

The 2017 edition includes

  • The Japanese battleship Kawachi and Seitsu, by Kathrin Milanovich. This paper describes the unusual configuration of these battleships in which the caliber of the 12-inch gun varied by the turret.
  • The British armor plate pool agreement of 1903, by David Boursnell, describes some unusual business agreements which likely led to price fixing.
  • From Danton to Courbet, by John Jordan, tells the story of the early 1900 French battleship and the British influence on French designs.
  • DDL: The Australian Light Destroyer Project of the early 1970s, by Mark Briggs, tells the story of the local design of the Australian destroyer, which eventually failed.
  • From Elba to Europa, by Michelle Constantino, tells the story of the early efforts to develop seaplane carriers by the Regia Marina.
  • Mine countermeasures, by Conrad Waters, describes in depth the way modern navies deal with mine fields.
  • The light aircraft carrier Isuki, by Hans Lengerer, covers the story of the never finished Japanese aircraft carrier converted from a battleship
  • HACS: A debacle of just-in-time?, by Peter Marland, provides the story of the High Angle Control System (HACS) and its use during the early years of WWII.
  • HMS Surrey: Britain’s last treaty cruiser, by David Murfin, tells the story of the British cruisers following the Washington Treaty.
  • The Imperial German Navy Light Cruisers after 1918, by Aidan Dodson, describes what happened to the German Cruisers after WWI, including some that were requisitioned for service by other navies and a few that were converted to cargo vessels
  • The US Monitors of the Arkansas class, by AD Baker III, describes the monitors just before the Spanish American War period
  • Warship notes, by multiple authors, are shorter articles covering different topics like “Surface Actions in the Great War and what they tell us”, “Halifax Naval Dockyards”, etc.

The main articles in this issue are all scholarly publications, with in-depth study, analysis, and references. They are interesting reading for a modeler and priceless for the researcher. As a modeler don’t expect a “Walk-Around” or “in-detail” images or drawings for your next ship model. Having said that, the research value of each article is immense and the reading very interesting.

The last section (“Warship notes”) are very short articles, often just one page long on a variety of naval topics.

Highly recommended to naval history researchers and naval modelers.

I would like to thank Osprey Publishing, Conway Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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