War in Ukraine - Vol.1: Armed Formations of the Donetsk People's Republic, 2014-2022

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Edward Crowther
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Softbound, 118 color photos, 2 black and white maps and 5 color maps with 21 profiles
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Europe at War
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This is book #21 of the series Europe @ War series. The book is also, Volume #1 of a subseries dealing with the war in Ukraine. In this book the information deals with the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). The book consists of an Introduction, 10 Chapters, as well as a conclusion and bibliography. Within text you will find a breakdown of The Minister of Defense, and a known order of battle of the DPR and 21 profiles dealing with the equipment and personnel of the DPR. Many of the photos consist of unit patches, magnets and postcards. The postcards were issued by the DPR and are under the name of "Gold Star Heroes."

The book concentrates mostly on the DPR as this section of Ukraine is the largest separatist section in contention at this time. The book also gives an overview of the armed forces of DPR, as well as the equipment used by them. In addition, the book talks about the loose armed forces confederation of the DPR with the neighboring Luhansk People's Republic (LPR). Although they have an armed forces confederation the DPR has kept its autonomy over units, as well as in planning. A relationship with the Russian forces is also explained. The book goes into the "home grown" development of such weapons as armored vehicles, sniper rifles, small arms and other weapons systems. Photos of equipment, as well as profiles of them are provided in the text. In addition, a map shows the location of the units deployed by the DPR against Ukraine. The propaganda aspect of the war/conflict is explored as well.

Although I enjoyed the book, and the profiles presented, I feel that the book was a bit slanted towards the DPR. The profiles are very good and for modelers of equipment from that conflict. I feel that the book will be interesting to any historian interested in this conflict.

My thanks to Casemate Publishers for the opportunity of reviewing the book.


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