VMA(AW)-533 HAWKS (1) USMC A-6A Intruders in the Cold War

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AOA Decals specializes in Vietnam to modern era planes and covers all the major scales. This sheet is 1/32nd scale and covers VMA(AW)-533 was previously featured on AOA's first 1/32 sheet 32-001 covering their Vietnam War deployments (1967-69 and 1972-73) and again on sheet 32-003 covering Operation Desert Storm. This new sheet 32-029 expands that coverage of VMA(AW)-533 to now include the intermediate and immediate postwar periods in the early 1970s.

The set includes three sets of markings for A-6A Intruders:

  • MCAS Iwakuni, Japan (1970/71)
  • MCAS Iwakuni, Japan (1971)
  • MCAS Iwakuni, Japan (1975)

Decals also included for fuel tanks. Also included is primary airframe stencils and markings for one aircraft. For those looking for full airframe coverage, a specific extensive sheet covering the A-6 airframe stencils and markings is available to purchase separately, see 32-026.

Inside the package, you will find a large decal sheet with the unit markings for the three choices and a smaller sheet with the limited stencils and national markings. Both sets are colorful and printed perfectly by Microscale. Also included are four full color sheets covering the profiles, top and bottom markings and stencil placement. Each profile includes information about that specific version including antennas added, ejection seat type etc. as well as color call outs and other specifics to help the modeler detail his kit.

If you need colorful markings for your Trumpeter A-6A kit, this set is a winner. Colorful markings for early Intruders with superb research and directions. I also recommend that you add AOA stencil set to this set to really get your plane to stand out. Highly recommended.

My thanks to AOA Decals for the opportunity to review this fantastic set.


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