Vital Storm - Early Hurricanes Collection Part 1 and Mosquitos - Special Edition - Canadians in Coastal Command

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AOD72007.1 (Hurricanes) and AOD 72011 (Mosquitos)
Company: Aviaeology - Website: Visit Site

Editor's note: This review combines two (2) decal sheet products from the manufacturer and this explains the double title. The sets are listed as:Stock #: AOD72007.1 (Hurricanes) and AOD72011 (Mosquitos) and priced at $11.89 and $8.89 respectively. Canadian dollars and US dollars are at approximately par value at this writing.

This is a relatively new company, a Canadian firm that is beginning a line of very high quality decals for various RAF and RCAF subjects. The decals are thin, in perfect register, and very complete, with numerous maintenance and “no step” markings, such as are usually found on Luftwaffe decal sets. Markings are provided for no less than seven different Hurricanes from the Battle of Britain period and shortly after, although roundels and markings are only provided for two aircraft. In addition, an extra sheet is provided with a more subdued shade of red replacing the normal bright red markings. The Mosquito sheet provides one set of roundels, but squadron markings and serials for five different aircraft. These decals should work for any of the 1/72 scale hurricanes and Mosquitoes that are available today.

Just as valuable, from the modeler’s point of view, is the printed material accompanying the decal sheet.

Each decal set includes three 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets, folded to provide 12 pages of very useful and interesting information on the aircraft, including markings, colors, and service histories. Somebody did his homework on this one, as this amounts to a mini-profile on each aircraft. These include photos, drawings, and text, and also provide detailed drawings of rockets and racks for the Mosquitos. These sheets make interesting reading just on their own merit. In addition, the manufacturer suggests that you email them at for a full color printable PDF of the instruction sheets, but you have to buy the decals before you can get the color printouts. Sorry. But they are VERY good. You can’t ask for more than that. I’ve never seen that level of commitment before.

There are several more sheets available in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales. They are all highly recommended, and definitely worth getting.

Thanks to SkyGrid and IPMS/USA for the review samples.


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