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June 26, 2011
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Base Kit
Hasegawa’s F-2A and F-2B
Provided by: Afterburner Decals
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Among modern aircraft modelers, if they want colorful and interesting paint schemes the aircraft of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) have always delivered. One of the most attractive, and sleek looking aircraft is the Mitsubishi F-2. Having origins within the FSX program in the late 1980’s, it was birthed out of a cooperative effort with Lockheed Martin after selecting the F-16 as a basis for study into a new support fighter. It wasn’t until the mid 2000 that flight test were concluded and delivery started in September of the same year. With a 25% larger wing, longer fuselage, advanced avionics, and 11 hard points it is a F-16 on steroids and provides the JASDF with a 21stcentury fighter and trainer.

Hasegawa’s F-2A and F-2B kits are fantastic and much like comparing a Block 10 F-16 to the F-2, the kit bears no connection to Hasegawa’s other F-16 kits. However there has been very little in decal options until now. Afterburner Decals has released sets covering the F-2A, F-2B, and “details” in an extensive spread of options! Set 48-066 covers some details for the F-2A and F-2B.

This small set is a neat idea. In the bag you get a small 5”x 4” sheet with decals covering some various detail items around the cockpit and airframe; with enough for two aircraft. First up, there are decals for the side consoles and LCD displays (the F-2 uses LCD displays vs. CRT screens). Both front and rear cockpits are accounted for. Also there are ejection seat markings and seat belts. For the belts, you would probably just want to cut these out of the paper and glue them without removing them from the backing sheet. Next major area addressed is the exhaust of the GE110 engine. You receive decals to replicate the details found inside the feathers and the “rub” areas on the exterior. All one would need to do is paint the interior an off white or radome tan, the exterior your favorite graphite color, and apply the decals. Other decals are provided for tire and hub markings, plus placards on the landing gear.

Overall a very handy set, and is very affordable for those who want to add a little detail to their F-2 kits without any expensive aftermarket sets. This is also a great companion to any of Afterburners F-2 marking sheets as none of these items are provided on those sheets. Plus, being decals, this would technically still keep the model within the “out of the box” category while adding some detail to a few key areas. Highly recommended, and many thanks to IPMS/USA and Afterburner Decals for the review sample.


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