Vietnamese Spads (2) VNAF AD-6/A-1H Skyraiders in the Vietnam War

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May 29, 2019
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Hasegawa or any other AD-6 or A-1H kit in this scale
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AoA (Angle of Attack) decals are in their fourth year by my records, and continue to release some of their earlier Vietnam War subjects in different scale from the earlier releases … We sincerely appreciate AoA sending IPMS/USA their latest releases for review! (…and the usual thanks also to IPMS USA Reviewer corps leadership John and Phil for sending these my way...)

This sheet provides 11 different paint schemes, and covers the range of Vietnamese A-1 schemes from the early 1960’s to the early 1970’s.

Airframe stencils in included for each model, along with national insignia. This sheet focuses on the main markings for the aircraft, particularly since several of these SPADS were repainted with camo and as such did not receive replacement stencil markings.

Notable options include several early 1960’s A-1’s with colorful tail bands; I believe these markings would sell the sheet more than anything, as they certainly have some different markings.

Sheet decal Options included for 72-007 (from AoA’s Website):

[Decals released October 2018]

For Hasegawa 1/72 A-1 Skyraider

Part 2 of the South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) Skyraider coverage, this 1/72 decal sheet includes 11 marking options (depicting 10 aircraft) for 1st, 514th, 516th, and 518th Fighter Squadrons. The markings provided span from the early 1960s to 1970, and also includes two Skyraiders that were retrofitted with the Yankee extraction system.

Enough common markings are provided to cover at least two aircraft.

NOTE: Although the Hasegawa kit was used as a basis for these decals, the fuselage bands have excess length on the bottom to potentially allow their usage on the other Skyraider kits. NOTE: Although the Trumpeter kit was used as a basis for these decals, the large fuselage bands were designed to have excess length on the bottom to allow their usage on the Zoukei-Mura Skyraider kits with adjustment as required. “

As a review item, I was (again) very impressed with the decal quality and performance on the model. All stencils are readable, and the accuracy and level of fidelity to color and density is excellent. The white markings did not allow background colors to show through… and the various color areas were opaque to the point they did not need any white backing (such as small lettering).

I opted for the 1962 DaNang-based A-1 with overall Light gull gray paint and white ordinance underwing pylons. The decals performed magnificently, and provided a different canvas for a new view on an old airplane. I built this kit over four days while at attending the American Society of Aviation Artists convention, and worked on it in the evenings… The Hasegawa kit was easy to assemble, required no filler, and was ready for paint and decals in little time. With a clear coat over the light gray overall paint scheme, the decal process only took two hours…

All in all a great Package from AoA decals, like their other subjects I’ve had fortune to review, I give them max scoring for subject, presentation, and performance! Keep it up AoA, and thanks John and Dave for keeping me on the team…


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