Victory 1945: Western Allied Troops in Northwest Europe

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Gordon L. Rottman
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Illustrator: Peter Dennis, 64 pages, B&W photos, color illustrations.
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Elite 209
Company: Osprey Publishing - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Osprey Publishing - Website: Visit Site
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This book is a description of the changes in equipment, uniforms, and tactics of the allied troops from the landing at Normandy to VE day on May 8, 1945. Experience, technological improvements, and the seasoning of troops in battle brought about these changes. The book is mostly in text with supporting photos and color plates of soldiers’ uniforms and equipment. The book primarily focuses on infantry, but there are also sections on armor and field artillery. The book emphasizes tactics and use of equipment.

The book has sections on the US infantry, Free French Forces, the British/Canadian Army Group and the British 79th Armored Division.


  • Overview
  • The Americans at War
  • US Infantry
  • Armor/Infantry Operations
  • Field Artillery
  • Replacements & Shortages
  • Breaching the Siegfried Line
  • Free French Forces
  • British/Canadian 21st Army Group
  • Winter & Spring 1944-1945
  • Armor/Infantry Operations
  • Spreading the Lessons
  • British 79th Armoured Division: “The Funnies”
  • Infantry Small Unit Tactics
  • Allied Order of Battle, May 7, 1945
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index

The photographs are black-and-white, fairly small, and are used to illustrate the uniforms, equipment, and tactics described in the text. The color plates are paintings illustrating the equipment and uniforms.

The photos may suggest some diorama abilities for modelers, but are too small to be used for realistic detailing. The book is more oriented to history buffs. The color paintings would be of interest to figure modelers.

The book provides an interesting perspective of battle tactics by the allied armies, and is it another well done Osprey publication.

Thanks to Osprey for continuing to publish great books and for furnishing review samples to IPMS. Thanks to IPMS for the opportunity to review this book.


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