Versuchsflakwagen Fuer 8.8cm Flak.37 Auf Sonderfahrgestell (Sd.Sfl.IVc)

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October 27, 2015
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Company: Dragon Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Dragon Models - Website: Visit Site
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This is indeed a one of a kind armored vehicle. I think that only a single prototype was ever built. After some successful tests of Grille artillery in the Italian Front a decision was made to test a Flak 37 on a heavily modified Panther chassis. I think it even reached the prototype stage.

When you open the box you will find more plastic than for the average model, as all the parts for the Flak 37 are provided by Dragon Models and the chassis, armored sides and running gear is provided by Bronco. There are over 60 sprues and two small photo-etch frets.

Instructions are very clear, probably CAD line drawings generated from the actual CAD design for the molds. The overall surface detail is outstanding, as the accompanying pictures show. Detail is not limited to the armored vehicle as you also get tarps, bags, helmets and rifles but not figures are provided.

The chassis is very nicely detailed, including the lower hull. There is very limited detail for the interior, just some torsion bars. On top of the hull a well detailed deck gun closes the hull keeping most of it out of view. The rear and side armor pieces can be posed in the up or down position. Wheels are nicely detailed. Tracks are of the individual link type. They will reproduce the sag in a realistic manner.

The gun as well is highly detailed, indeed a kit on itself. Parts are provided for the front shield, gun carriage, range finder, gunner seat, etc. I’m not completely sure but there might be enough parts provided as to build the gun as field gun.

Markings are provided for two hypothetical finishes (dark yellow and yellow/green/red-brown), plus a yellow camouflage scheme used for the prototype.

Considering the high part number and the overall complexity of this kit I would recommend this kit for advanced modelers.

I would like to thank Dragon Models, Bronco Models and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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