VA-75 Sunday Punchers (1) USN A-6A/A-6E Intruders Decals

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December 5, 2019
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AOA Decals specializes in Vietnam to modern era planes and covers all the major scales. This sheet is 1/32nd scale along with VA-75 SUNDAY PUNCHERS (2), Sheet 32-028 covers a spans of almost 20 years of the A-6 Intruder in service with one Navy squadron - VA-75 Sunday Punchers - from Vietnam to Desert Storm. This review is for Part 1 and covers the high visibility period including coverage of their third and final deployment to Vietnam in 1972-73 and also their better known postwar white-tail markings. Markings are included for the following:

  • A-6A Intruders
    • USS Saratoga [Vietnam] (1972-73) - CAG & standard scheme
  • A-6E Intruders
    • USS Saratoga / NAS Oceana (1975) - CAG scheme
    • USS Saratoga (1976) - standard scheme

Inside the package, you’ll find two decals sheets. First is a large colorful decal sheet printed in perfect registration by Cartograf which covers the markings needed for the planes mentioned above. Accurate stencils are provided for one aircraft. The same stencil sheet included with this release is also available to purchase separately, see 32-026. Decals also included for MERs, Ejection Seats and fuel tank.

One of the highlights is a modification/detail sheet which shows some of the issues with the A and E TRAM variants and also how to fix them. The sheet covers which lines and scoops are applicable to which variant and also, how to fix it.

Lastly, there are eight additional full color sheets. Three sheets cover the stencil placement showing top, bottom and profile locations of the comprehensive stencil sheet. The last five sheets cover the markings and profiles and also include notes for each airframe including color notes, order of addition for the decals and any reference data needed to build a more accurate kit.

AOA Decals continues to impress with their attention to detail, quality decal sheets and wonderful research. This sheet will help build the Trumpeter kit and has great looking Hi Viz markings. Add to that their excellent choice to use Cartograf and you have a winner all around. Highly recommended.

My thanks to AOA Decals for the opportunity to review this excellent set.


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