V3000S/SS M Maultier with 7,62 cm Pak 36(r)

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ICM has released a great value kit of a V3000S half-track with a Pak 36 anti-tank gun in the same box. Upon opening the box you find a total of six sprues (one of them clear). One sprue is devoted to the anti-tank gun, while the other five sprues relate to the vehicle. Actually, I am pretty sure you have all the parts in the box to build the vehicle as a typical 6-wheel truck or the half-track version.

You can see from the pictures that the surface detail is very good, both fine and restrained. The connection points to the sprues are small and should be easy to clean up the parts with a sanding stick.

The vehicle includes a full engine, suspension and transmission and the grille is hollowed. The cab is nicely detailed, with the instrument panel provided as a decal. The truck bed is well detailed with subtle wood grain. The tracks are of the link-and-length variety and care should be exercised when removing them from the sprues, as these parts are very delicate.

The gun can be built in the stowed for transportation or in the field-deployed configuration. You can elevate the gun to your desired position. Ammunition rounds are included in the kit.

The following marking options are included:

  • Italy, Summer 1944, with a Panzer Yellow/Green squiggle camouflage
  • Poland, Summer 1944, with a Panzer Yellow/Green disruptive camouflage
  • Russia, Spring 1943, with an overall Panzer Grey camouflage
  • Germany, Summer 1943, with an overall Panzer Yellow camouflage

While the antitank gun has two camouflage options:

  • Overall Panzer Grey (’39-’43)
  • Panzer Yellow/Green disruptive camouflage (’43-’45).

Perhaps the weakest point of this kit is the decal sheet (for license plates and a few stencils) as they looked flat and slightly brittle in the decal sheet. I would suggest test an unnecessary decal in a scrap piece of plastic before committing a needed decal to the model.

Recommended for vehicle and armor modelers.

I would like to thank ICM, MMD Squadron and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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